Energy Vampires: What They Are and Why Unplugging Them Can Save You Money

Computer equipment uses a lot of energy.

Kieran Stone/Getty Images

There are moochers living in your home. No, we’re not talking about your kids, pets or other non-rent paying tenants. We’re talking about your appliances and electronics. 

The devices you count on most are hanging around all day, sucking up energy and making you get charged for it. They don’t even have to be running for this to happen — as long as they’re plugged in, they’re siphoning off precious energy you’ll have to pay for.

We call these energy vampires. And you might not know it, but they can really be a strain on your wallet. The average home sees about 10% of its total energy use go to energy vampires — meaning that it’s power that simply does not need to be used. That can cost you a considerable amount: $250 or more, depending on where you’re located.

Let’s take a look through your home and find those energy vampires so you can unplug them, replace them and save yourself from excess charges on your monthly energy bill.

Computer equipment

Do you have a desktop computer set up in your home? Whether it’s for gaming, work or just browsing the internet, your big tower and all its accessories are likely sucking up lots of excess energy, even when they aren’t in use. 

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