Europe’s first Mars rover mission saved by major investment

The European Rosalind Franklin rover will have a 2-metre drill to probe the Martian surface.Credit: ESA/ATG medialab

Europe’s Rosalind Franklin Mars rover, part of the beleaguered €1.3-billion (US$1.3-billion) ExoMars programme, is now set to launch in 2028, after securing a reported €360 million investment from European countries.

The money will allow the European Space Agency (ESA) to start designing a new landing platform intended to lower its first Martian rover onto the planet’s surface. The work is necessary after ESA severed ties with its former partner on the mission, the Russian space agency Roscosmos, in March, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia was in charge of designing and building landing gear for the rover, as well as launching the mission from its site in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

“I am very relieved and incredibly happy that this great mission was not taken away from us and that I can continue to hope to steer a rover on Mars one day,” says Daniela Tirsch, a planetary geologist at the German Aerospace Center in Berlin. Only the United States and China have had placed working rovers on Mars.

The latest delay to 2028 is the third in the mission’s history. The ExoMars rover was originally intended to launch in 2018, but technical issues scuppered that plan. The COVID-19 pandemic then delayed a scheduled 2020 flight to 2022, before relations with Russia deteriorated. The cost of the delay from 2020 to 2022 was on the order of €100 million, an ESA spokesperson told Nature.

Deep drilling

Despite its delays and burgeoning costs, scientists remain excited about the ExoMars mission, which is the second part of a programme that includes an orbiter that arrived at the red planet in 2016 and has been hunting for biological or geological origins of methane and other gases.

The Franklin rover carries a 2-metre drill that will burrow deep beneath the Martian surface to search for preserved evidence of ancient life. “We will…

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