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Let’s be honest and recognize that traveling is a two-sided coin. There is one side full of adventure, new experiences, exotic foods, and memories that will last a lifetime. The other side consists of overpriced tickets, travel scams, overstuffed suitcases, and sometimes a bit of stress.

If you want to travel more, save money, and stay safe in the process, continue reading to learn travel hacks from veteran travelers who have been through it all. 

Hacks to save money on flights

Flights can often be one of the biggest expenses while traveling. Here is how to save money on flights. 

Use Incognito Mode and a VPN. Ariel Sheen, a travel journalist, emailed BGN and shared his experience with finding cheaper flights. He shared an experience when his friends who lived in the U.S. were looking for flights to visit him in Colombia. “We learned their browsing for flights in incognito mode was insufficient for them to get the same prices I saw in Colombia. When they combined incognito mode and VPNs to spoof their IP address to make it appear that they were looking at flights in the country, the prices dropped significantly.”

Choose flights based on price, not destination. If you use Skyscanner for flights, it has a nifty feature called “go anywhere.” that will show you the cheapest places to travel to. And usually, where there is a low-cost flight there is a lower cost of living, which can save you money while traveling within the country. 

Track flights with price alerts. Janelle “Jash” Cooper emailed BGN and shared the benefits of watching flights with Google Flights. “ [It’s] is a great way to find different flights, and you can set up notifications for specific flights. This is a great way to see the fluctuation in prices and see what days would be best…

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