Farmers say John Deere ‘right to repair’ deal will save time, money

MILLS COUNTY, Iowa (KMTV) — Over the course of four generations of farming on his land, Bret Hays’ family has seen plenty of technical advancements in agriculture over the years.

But with those advantages has come complications. That technical equipment, like sensors, has been locked down. Hays said, for example, an error code might pop up on a computer but require a John Deere dealer to decode it.

That won’t be the case after John Deere came to an agreement with the American Farm Bureau Federation, he said. The deal gives farmers something they’ve been requesting for years: the “right to repair” their own equipment.

If the code shows a bad cylinder, for example, “you’d be able to replace that cylinder,” Hays said. “Technically, you’ll still have to have them come program it. But that’s cutting down time that the technician would have to be there to replace that … So it’s saving time, which is dollars.”

That savings could spread to consumers in the form of food and biofuels.

The memorandum of understanding was signed Sunday.

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue, a fourth-generation farmer from Central City, Nebraska, spoke with 3 News Now on Tuesday from a conference in Puerto Rico, where the agreement was signed.

“No longer is repairing our equipment just taking a wrench or something and changing out a part,” McHargue said. “We were falling behind in our ability to actually repair our (own) equipment or have any third party repair our equipment … John Deere has acknowledged that for their customers, it’s important that they have a choice of whether they repair themselves, whether they have a third party repaired or whether they take it to a dealership.”

This agreement just applies to John Deere, the biggest player in the market. But McHargue said others might come along. He’s been directly involved in…

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