Four super-easy ways to save money to go on holiday this summer

SMALL changes can lead to big wins, especially when it comes to saving money.

An estimated 46 per cent of us will spend more on holidays this year to make up for missing out during the pandemic.


Cutting out your daily coffee shop habit could go a long way

So it’s time to seriously boost that holiday fund . . . 

CUP A LOAD OF THIS: If you’ve got a daily coffee shop habit at an average £2.50 per cup, that’s around 20 coffees and £50 a month. Swap for three boxes of the 75p eight-pack of the Aldi Alcafé Latte Sachets, where you just add hot water, and that’s 24 coffees for £2.25.

£143.25 saved in three months

FAKEAWAY NOT TAKEAWAY: The average UK consumer spends £451 per year on takeaways but everyone’s expected to cut back a little this year.

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If you have one takeaway a week at around £20 a time, that’s £80 per month.

When you’re tired, a takeaway is easier but if you could swap two takeaways for the £5 Co-op Freezer Filler deal (which includes a Goodfellas thin crust pizza, Co-op onion rings, Birds Eye 12 nuggets, McCain wedges and a tub of ice cream) that’s £40 per month on take-out food and £10 on two meals you can just pop in the oven. It means £50 spent per month instead of £80.

£90 saved in three months

SIP THIS NOT THAT: With the average UK pint now costing £4.04 according to the British Beer & Pub Association, it can be an expensive night out — with five pints on a Friday night now costing £20 at least. That’s a steep £80 per average month.

If you could switch those five pints for Asda’s Classic Ales six-pack, now £8, until your holiday, that’s £32 per month instead of £80, so £48 saved.

£144 saved in three months

BEAT THE TREAT: Sweet tooth? One Dairy Milk bar at 70p, around three times a week, is approx £8 per month.

Quit it altogether and that’s…

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