Since everything is done online these days, Co-Founder of Greenpal Gene Caballero thought of a way to turn lawn care into a mobile service.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — You can order just about anything from your phone, like food, merchandise, and car rides, but what about lawn care service?

An app has recently launched in the Corpus Christi market and could potentially save you money. 

“The goal was kind of to be the default method that homeowners go to to find lawn care,” Co-Founder of Greenpal Gene Caballero said. “I’ve been in the lawn care industry my whole entire life and just saw a need for homeowners to be able to find pre-screened landscaping professionals quicker, easier, and more efficient.”

Since everything is done online these days, Caballero thought of a way to save property owners time while beating the heat. Through the app, you have the ability to choose which lawn professional you would like to maintain your yard, and at a competitive price. “When you give homeowner the decision, you give them different options, everybody wins,” Caballero said. 

Caballero explained how it all works, “Homeowners looking for lawn care will go to our website or download the free apps. They’ll enter in the address of the property that they want done, and also the day that they want it done. What that does, is that alerts all the pre-screened vendors in the area that there’s a new lawn up for bid, those homeowners can see the vendors ratings, reviews, and price, and then decide who they want to work with.”

Caballero told 3NEWS you don’t…

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