From cleaning laptops to extra ice cream, hacks that’ll save money

Small changes you can make today (Pictures: Getty/Alamy)

Small changes in your day-to-day life could save you bigger sums of cash, especially if you do several of them.

Computers are undoubtedly an essential, yet expensive, part of modern living and keeping your laptop or device in tip-top shape could save you hundreds of pounds.

Even changing the font on your documents could make your printer ink cartridges last for longer.

Read on for some more tips, from putting timed locks on your online banking saving pots to resist temptations to spend, to getting an NHS prescription ‘season ticket’ to save on medications.

Speed up your computer by cleaning it up

Man using laptop

Clear out your unused software to make devices run better for longer (Picture: Getty/iStockphoto)

During the lifespan of a computer, we tend to install all types of software only never to use it again.

Some of that may be running in the background and causing your computer to slow to a crawl.

If you use Windows, you can access your list of programs by finding Programs & Features in the Control Panel.

Click “Uninstall” to remove the programs you no longer use. Mac users should open Applications and click and drag any programs they don’t use to the Trash icon.

Brick by brick

Brickit app on iPhone

Build new things from your old bricks (Picture: Supplied)

Brickit is an app that scans any jumble of bricks, identifies every piece in it, gives you ideas what to build with them and lets you share the things you make with other enthusiasts.

The app has meticulous instructions that show you the exact location of each piece you’ll need. Brickit is free and has some paid Pro features and it is available via both iOS and Android. Just scatter your bricks on a table and take a photo. Find out more at brickit. app

Put timed locks on banking pots

Woman shopping online with laptop and credit card in hand

Locks on your…

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