Georgia’s gas tax suspension ends | How much drivers saved

Gov. Brian Kemp extended the suspension through Wednesday, Jan. 11.

ATLANTA — Tuesday is the last day Georgia drivers can take advantage of the state’s gas tax suspension.

Gov. Brian Kemp extended the suspension through Wednesday, Jan. 11, which eliminated the additional 29 cents per gallon on unleaded gas purchases over the last 10 months. The gas tax has since increased to 31 cents in the state.

When the suspension of the fuel tax first went into effect, gas was around $4.26 a gallon — including the 29 cents from the tax. Though the gas tax was meant to help relieve customers at the pump, it cannot be confirmed if gas station companies or owners passed on the full savings. 

It’s an expensive fill-up after a long day working construction for Kevin Lazo. 

“Right now, we’re doing some townhomes here along Tara Boulevard,” Lazo said.

Lazo drives from Forsyth County to Clayton County six days a week for a long-term project.

“It really is tough in the construction industry because we go so far to other areas. Sometimes gas prices are $100 a trip,” Lazo said. 

He shells out at least $300 a week in gas.

“It’s mandatory,” Lazo said. “If I have to go to a job site, I can’t say, ‘I’m not going to go.’ I guess I just have to take the hit, and I’ll probably just go out less.”

Lazo will be taking more of a hit with those gas prices, along with Andre Joseph, who owns Wrap-A-Lot Fresh Express…

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