Going green with solar panels costing some NC residents more money; problems with Pink Energy Solar, Powerhome Solar, Generac

LILLINGTON, N.C. (WTVD) — “Instead of saving money, I’m paying extra money.”

Michael Houle is a Harnett County homeowner whose quest to go solar and save money on power bills, instead wound up costing him more money.

“They say it works but I have not seen anything off my electric (bill) at all to this day,” Houle said.

Houle decided to go solar in January of 2021. He said a salesman from the North Carolina solar-based company PowerHome Solar, which later renamed the company to Pink Energy, came to his Harnett County house and made big promises.

“They said it would work good the way our house was facing and everything; putting them on the back roof that we could probably get up to 100% power with it,” Houle recalled.

Besides energy savings, he was told there would also be incentives on his taxes.

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“They said that once we got them installed that we could get a 12% tax credit.” Houle electronically signed a 37-page contract, for a total price of more than $47,000 for the 13 solar panels, along with a Generac battery cabinet in his garage.

He said the salesmen said that would give him extra protection.

“They say that I could run a couple of rooms upstairs if the power goes out but I have not been able to do that yet,” he said.

Plus, not long after his brand new system was installed, it stopped working.

“They tell me they’re going to have someone out here to fix it, and they send people out here and then it still has not worked.”

Month after month, he said he saw no savings in his power bill, but he still had to make his monthly payments of $171 on the system. Houle said the company did reimburse him for some of his monthly payments for the solar panels, but his biggest frustration is the lack of savings he’s seen since going solar.

“I’ve done nothing but…

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