Groceries Continue To Be So Expensive — Here Are 20+ Money-Saving Tips You Can Use At The Store

I personally love grocery shopping. However, I can’t help but gasp when I see the prices of some of my favorite items and how expensive the essentials are.

In the hopes of getting my weekly grocery bill down, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share what their money-saving tips are when food shopping. Let’s just say, I made note of these tips for my next grocery store run because they’re THAT good. Here are some of them.

1.“The easiest tips are the ones that work best: Pre-plan your meals and make a list of what you need to make those meals. Only buy what’s on the list. In fact, don’t even go down aisles that don’t have things on your list. You can’t be tempted by things you don’t see.”

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2.“Look at the price per unit when you’re shopping. Many grocery chains will put how much an item costs per ounce or pound in tiny writing directly on the shelf label. You can always bust out your calculator and quickly do the math to figure out what brand is actually the best deal. Pro-tip: It’s not always the generic brand. Paper goods like toilet paper will often print how many square feet you’re getting per roll or package so you can quickly figure out what brand and unit size is giving you the most for the best price. You can do this for everything from household goods like detergent to fruits and vegetables. Always be looking to maximize your dollar.”


3.“Definitely do online orders whether it’s for pickup or delivery. It keeps you focused on what you actually need, and it helps to be able to look in your kitchen to make sure you don’t accidentally buy a bag of rice when you still have an unopened bag in the pantry.”

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4.“I’ve worked in a grocery store for over two years now, and here are my tips: Consider a paid membership like Walmart+ — my dad’s credit card actually reimburses…

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