Half of UK shoppers are shopping online outside the UK to save money

Almost half (48%) of British consumers say that they shop online outside their domestic market because it is cheaper than shopping locally, according to a new study.

The survey of 9,000 global consumers commissioned by Global-e and carried out by Censuswide, of cross-border ecommerce shoppers across nine markets, reveals the UK (25%) is the third most popular market for global consumers to make an international purchase from, behind the US (46%) and China (42%).

Meanwhile, among UK shoppers, China (57%) and the US (47%) are the most popular markets for cross-border shopping, followed by Germany (11%), Spain (10%) and France (9%).

Affordability was the top reason driving Brits to shop online internationally, slightly higher than the global average (47%). For UK respondents, this is closely followed by the brand having a wide variety of products (33%) and offering low shipping costs (28%). In contrast, expensive shipping (59%) and a lengthy or costly delivery time (43%) are the top reasons for Brits to abandon a cart when shopping internationally.

Shoppers prefer D2C and are influenced by social media

As the busy retail peak shopping period takes hold, retailers looking to maximise their profits this quarter can expect consumers to look online for the best deals. The survey also revealed that 62% of British respondents prefer to shop directly from the brands website, compared to only 33% of respondents preferring to shop on a marketplace. Those aged between 25-34 year-olds are the most likely to purchase from a brand directly (71%) followed by those aged 16-24 (66%). 

Social channels also play a large role in driving international sales with 46% of British consumers purchasing from an international brand after coming across it on social media. For Brits, social is more prominent in driving…

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