Here are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies of August

Last month, the most talked about cryptocurrencies on social media became clear. ICO Analytics has listed the most popular cryptocurrencies of August with the data collected via Twitter.

According to information shared by ICO Analytics, the most popular cryptocurrency of August was Bitcoin (BTC). 12.3% of Twitter users’ tweets about cryptocurrencies were about Bitcoin, making it the “most talked about” coin.

Chainlink (LINK), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of recent times, followed Bitcoin on the list. Traded at $ 7 a few weeks ago, LINK increased its popularity significantly, reaching up to $ 20 in August. LINK is currently trading at $ 12.5.

The rest of the list goes a little more predictably. Ethereum (ETH) is in third place, XRP is in fourth place and USDT is in fifth place. These three cryptocurrencies are in 15.5% of their tweets about cryptocurrencies in August.

What is the situation with new coins?

ICO Analytics has prepared a list of not only big names but also small-scale cryptocurrencies. This list includes cryptocurrencies that have entered the market relatively recently, less well-known compared to coins such as Bitcoin. While making this ranking, ICO Analytics only evaluated the coins that entered the market this year.

As a result of this research, it was revealed that the most popular crypto currency of August was (YFI). YFI, which recently broke Bitcoin’s record of $ 20,000, found a place in 7.8% of tweets posted throughout the month. was followed by OM with 7.5% and DOT with 7.3%.

Relationship with the Market

It should not be surprising that we see the largest cryptocurrencies on the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Chainlink (LINK) becoming more popular than Ether and XRP can of course be explained by the rise in the price of LINK. Despite the efforts of Zeus Capital, LINK’s community is getting bigger and bigger.

It should also be reminded that the LINK was attacked on a massive scale the other day and hundreds of thousands of dollars of ETH tokens were lost during this attack. We will see how this spam attack on the LINK network will affect Chainlink’s popularity.

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