Here’s the Best Way to Save Money on Streaming in 2022

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Saving money is always a great idea, but with inflation eating into everything and streaming service price hikes, cutting streaming expenses feels particularly important. Here’s how to save money while still enjoying your favorite streaming services.

Once upon a time, streaming services were few and far between. Many people had a cable bill and then Netflix on top of that. As time went on, quite a few people dropped cable altogether and replaced it with… more streaming services.

The individual streaming services don’t seem like much of an expense: $20 here, $8 there, and so on. But if you subscribe to a bunch of services, it adds up quickly. Especially when the price of your streaming services starts creeping upward just like your old cable bill did.

Here’s what various services cost per month and year of April 2022. (The prices are for the version of the service that is 4K-capable and ad-free, where applicable, and the yearly cost includes any discounts offered for year-at-a-time payment.)

Streaming Service Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Netflix $20 $240
Hulu $13 $156
Disney+ $8 $80
HBO Max $15 $150
Amazon Prime Video $8 $96
ESPN+ $7 $70
Peacock Premium+ $10 $120
Paramount+ $10 $120
Total $91 $1,032

Subscribing to every service above for a year would run you just over a thousand dollars. Even when you consider that most people don’t subscribe to all of them, that the cost of something like Amazon Prime Video might be a sunk cost for some folks (because they subscribe to Amazon Prime and get it for “free”), and that you can bundle some services (like Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ to save), it’s still hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year.

But do most of us actually watch all of these services enough to justify having 24/7 access to them 365 days a…

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