Holiday costs are on the rise, so how can you save money? – The Irish Times

Booking before future price hikes kick in, going all-inclusive to be certain of the cost, travelling out of season or midweek to save a few bob and actively seeking out new routes from Ireland are just some of the steps people should be looking to take if they want find the best value for money holiday this summer, according to the travel industry people in the know.

While bad news is almost ever-present in our world, the good news when it comes to international travel is that 2023 is shaping up to be a very fine year. The pandemic and all its side effects – including Covid certs, airport delays and car hire shortages – appear to have “washed through the system”, and a sense of normality is returning. According to a survey from travel insurer published this week, more than 80 per cent of Irish holidaymakers say their travel habits are back to where they were pre-Covid, with 87.3 per cent of those polled saying they plan to take two or more holidays in 2023.

Eight in ten say they are now “very or extremely comfortable” to travel. But almost half say Covid has affected their approach to travel, with most concerned over delays, queues and cancellations at airports. Such concern is not entirely misplaced, and while things are definitely looking up across the board, tourism is still in recovery mode and the cost-of-living crisis is being felt everywhere, while popular destinations across Europe are struggling to find the people to do the jobs that make the tourism machine tick.

“The cost of accommodation is continuing to rise, and there are labour shortages, and the spiralling cost of energy is a problem everywhere,” says travel writer Eoghan Corry. “Contracts tour operators have are being cancelled and then renewed at higher prices, so that is a bit of a mess. The energy problem is a big…

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