Hotdog vendor retires after 14 years of service

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -If you happen to be driving past Neely Avenue and Midland Drive this past Saturday, you may have seen a long line of customers waiting to buy hotdogs.

Brad Logan has been selling hotdogs in Midland for 14 years, but has now decided to retire.

On Logan’s final work day he was surprised after seeing all the people that showed up to eat his hot dogs.

Driving into this parking lot, you’d think the people were waiting to save money on deals, but they were there for one reason. Hot dogs.

A line of over 100 people that went to eat a hotdog from Logan one more time.

“It’s been a nice response. I don’t do social media or have gotten social media and I think that’s probably a lot of it, but we’re appreciative of all the support we’ve had,” said Logan.

In fact, he was so overwhelmed, that he couldn’t even take time off from working to do this interview.

His wife told us that he usually finishes around 4 or 5, but because of the amount of people, he sold out around 3.

When asked what he’ll miss the most about his hotdog stand, he said, “The customers. I enjoy the customers. They’re good people,” said Logan.

Those who waited in line say they were hoping to get one more hot dog before he closes for good.

With the amount of people there, some of the people waiting were worried they may not have enough for them.

Local resident Jason Dean moved to Midland 12-years-ago and says he’s been going to Logan’s for years now.

Once he heard he was retiring, he decided to grab one and bid farewell to Logan.

“I haven’t really noticed a big difference, but you know he just has great hotdogs and we’re going to send this guy off to retirement, with lined pockets,” said Dean.

Logan said once he retires, he’s done and not coming back. Instead he plans to spend time with his wife.

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