How an e-Signature Solution Can Save You Money?

Electronic signature software or esignature is one of the effective trends in today’s time. Digital signatures come with multiple features that benefit in cost-saving measures. People/organizations and governments are integrating Electronic Signature software with their existing system. This is benefitting them in terms of savings on the administrative, paperwork cost. 

When the United States passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) in 2000, it was a notable step that boosted the use of electronic signatures and the people were keener, assured of the safety and the legality of this solution. 

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature also known as e-signature, is a reference to information in an electronic format. It is linked with other information in electronic form, that the user follows to sign the document.  Electronic signature has the same legal status as a handwritten signature. Moreover, it also compiles to the specifications of the particular regulation.

Just for your note, eSignatures are not same as digital signatures. The goal of electronic signatures is to instantly authenticate a document using an identifier that does not need pen and paper. Digitally signed documents are extensively used in private and legal matters for business transactions. They are also used as a part of official documents of the government.

Are eSignatures Legal?

In a nutshell yes. Electronic signatures offer the same or even more legal value as traditional signatures. Various countries have legalized electronic signatures under their Electronic Communications Act 2000 and the Electronic Signatures Regulation 2002.

Since the year 2000, Ireland also had a legal recognition of electronic signatures under the Electronic Commerce Act. This eIDAS (electronic signature,…

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