How can young investors make money from real estate?

Investing in real estate at a very young age is a smart way to build wealth, but the entry barriers are often prohibitively high for anyone in their early to mid-20s. For young people, investing in real estate can seem intimidating, if not impossible. Many younger people mistakenly believe that a successful real estate investor must be “old,” especially as the housing market continues to discourage them. As a result, they decide to postpone their interest in real estate investing until later in life. Time, on the other hand, is the most powerful and wealthy asset that young people have, and with the appropriate investment strategy, you can start to make returns.

Traditional property ownership or making an investment without owning any property both are options for real estate investing. Here are the best ways for young people to get started in the real estate investment market and build long-term wealth.

Scaling & Networking

Getting a real estate mentor and joining networking groups in your area are great places to start. Networking is essential for a successful real estate career, and establishing a large network early on will benefit you in more ways than one. As an inexperienced investor, you will need to rely a lot on the people around you. Getting help from experienced real estate industry professionals early on, such as your real estate agent, mortgage advisor, or investor mentor, can save you from costly mistakes and help you learn even faster. Beyond just the people you work with, building a network for a network’s sake is a highly valuable skill to work on as you never know where new opportunities and lessons can come from.

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Buying a house

One of the best ways to invest in real estate is to buy a house. As a young person, this can take some effort, but it can be attainable. The biggest barrier to buying a home is saving enough money for a down payment. Once you own the home, you can make things easier on…

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