How Do Couples Ensure That Money Matters Do Not Ruin Their Relationships?

Many a time we find couples bickering over trivial matters involving money. The wife feels triggered by her husband’s extravagant behaviour while the husband is annoyed at her wife running the household on a shoestring budget. This is true of many households with the men looking after the financial matters while the women take care of the household. Though in many cities, you will find both the husband and wife earning as the need for a double income blurs the age-old segregation of duties. However, most families stick to the age-old tradition of letting men control the financial reins. However, does the responsibility to earn translate to an ability to deal with finances too?

The answer may not be in the affirmative in most cases. Take, for example, the recent news of a woman filing for divorce after she learned how her husband had invested his life’s savings in Yes Bank shares and has now lost the money with the shares having lost their value after the bank filed for bankruptcy. The wife claimed how her husband Ayush had spent more than 20 lakh on Yes Bank shares, and now he has a negatively sloped equity curve and is on the verge of being homeless. The husband’s inclination to buy penny stocks and shares that have lost their value underscores his understanding of personal finance.

A wrong turn in finances can damage relationships beyond repair. Heated arguments over financial control are one reason for many marriages falling apart these days. A lack of financial acumen can see many couples living paycheck to paycheck while many find themselves on the brink of poverty after a few years. This mostly happens when either the husband or wife has no understanding of finances or how to deal with them or is simply not interested in setting financial goals from a long-term perspective. The tendency to maintain the status quo with the husband resisting any attempt by the wife in sorting out the family’s finances is another reason for many…

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