How Do You Know You’re Buying an Energy-Efficient House?

Consider purchasing a home with green features that can make living a little more eco-friendly — and economical. 

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Before you officially close on your new house, take note of the energy-efficient features that come with it. Energy-efficient features could save you big over time. 

With green home upgrades proven to save money on utilities, many current buyers now see energy-efficiency as a priority when looking for a home. In fact, a March 2021 study found that 83% of buyers desire Energy Star-rated windows, 81% desire Energy Star-rated appliances and 80% of buyers desire energy-efficient lighting. Not only are green home upgrades good for your wallet and the environment, they could even increase the value of your home. 

If you’re in the market for a new home, follow these tips and tricks to ensure that you buy on that’s energy-efficient. 

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1. Solar panels

Around 47% of millennials think solar panels and efficient energy storage are important features in a new home, according to a survey by Nationwide Mortgages. Going solar isn’t just a good move for the environment, it’s also a good move for your bank balance. Many electric companies will pay solar home owners for any excess energy they create with…

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