How Kim saves on food, gas and more in 2022

In times like these, inflation can feel like an unslayable dragon. Since the bare necessities can cost you an arm and a leg, Kim wants to help you save money on groceries, gas and more.

You’ve probably noticed that you’re dishing out more cash everywhere you go, from restaurants and shops to the pharmacy. That’s because inflation impacts everything — including the medication you need to live. You might have to pay more for the 20 most expensive prescription drugs.

Sadly, there’s no sword you can stash away to ward off the flames of inflation. But there are a few secret tricks you can use to circumvent the damage. Scroll down for Kim’s top tips for beating inflation in 2022.

In times like these, we all need a helping hand

Last month, the Labor Department shared some grim news. According to an official report, the Consumer Price Index hasn’t grown at such a high level since November 1981.

Not much of a history buff? Let’s jog your memory. That’s when the U.S. struggled with an economic downturn second only to the Great Depression.

We’re all feeling the financial strain. You fill up your gas tank and cringe at the final amount. Or you go to a restaurant and gasp when you see the check.

Bottom line: Inflation is hitting us from all angles. If you know Kim, you know she’s always looking for new money-saving strategies. For example, here’s how to get a free year of AAA membership.

Kim wanted to save money, so she checked out cashback apps

Some worked better than others. Then, she discovered her ace in the hole: Upside.

It’s a must-have for anyone sick of spending a fortune on gas. You can earn extra cents for every gallon you fill. Get this: Upside users earn more than $1 million every week.

Kim has used this app for money back from transactions at restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores…

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