How One Millennial Earns Five Figures Per Month Online and Invests

  • After years in corporate finance, Leandra Peters quit her job to pursue her side hustle full time.
  • Her educational platform, Female In Finance, was born during the pandemic.
  • She earns five figures per month from brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and coaching.

Leandra Peters dealt with a major health setback when she was 27.

She dislocated a vertebra in her back, which led to multiple diagnoses and ultimately left her chronically ill for three years. 

It ended up being a financial setback, too. Medical expenses cost her over $100,000 out of pocket, even with a platinum PPO insurance plan —​​ a type of plan that typically costs more but pays the most when you get medical care — she said. 

Peters had a big enough emergency fund to cover the costs, thanks to years of stashing away money from side hustles and her six-figure corporate-finance salary, she said. Not having to stress about money while recovering was a luxury she doesn’t lose sight of. “If you go through something as scary as a chronic illness, finances are the one thing you don’t want to have to pay attention to,” the 31-year-old told Insider. “You just want to focus on getting better.” 

Now, she wants to help other people take control of their finances. 

“I want people to be prepared for anything and not have to worry about money,” said Peters, who left the corporate world in November to run her educational platform, Female In Finance, full time. 

Female In Finance was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, which left millions of Americans without jobs and struggling financially. Peters, who studied finance in college and spent seven years working as an account manager at a company that extends loans to small businesses, recognized this and started posting money tips on Instagram in November 2020. She made infographics and Reels, covering everything from saving and budgeting to how to invest your stimulus…

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