How Saurabh Mukherjea Of Marcellus Invests His Money

Saurabh Mukherjea, founder and chief investment officer (CIO) at Marcellus Investment Managers, allocates a whopping 90% of his personal investment portfolio towards equity. The balance 10% is invested in the debt segment—fixed deposits (FDs) to be specific. “We (my family) keep our debt investments in FDs at a minimal level that is required to give us a safe harbour in case of any untoward event,” he said

Mukherjea shared his portfolio details for the special annual Mint series – Guru Portfolio, which started in 2020, to understand the impact of the pandemic on the personal investment portfolios of leaders in the financial services space.

The series looks at how respondents’ investments have fared, the changes made to their portfolios, and the investment lessons they have for investors.

Investment philosophy

Mukherjea’s Indian equity portfolio has been managed by Marcellus Investment Managers. As he is part of Marcellus‘ Investment Committee, he has a “little bit of say” in how his portfolio is managed.

Talking about their investment style, he said, “My colleagues and I at Marcellus look for clean, well-managed companies with dominant franchises and we load up on them regardless of the sector and whether they are small-cap or large-cap. Then we sit on that position and try to earn 10x returns in 10 years. By and large, this has worked for me.”

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Marcellus’s investment philosophy is inspired from coffee can portfolio strategy, which suggests investing in high-quality stocks and holding the concentrated portfolio for a long-period untouched.

“I have held much of the same set of stocks for many years now. Generally, I have seen that every year, one-third of the portfolio does very well (and I try not to get too excited about that) and one-third does not go anywhere (and I try not to lose…

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