SmartAsset: How to Invest 200k

If you have $200,000 to invest, there are many ways to make your money grow. Let’s take a look at how you can invest in the stock market, real estate and other common investments, while keeping a few practical tips in mind.

A financial advisor can help you create a financial plan for your investment needs and goals.

What to Consider Before Investing $200k

Before you put your money into a six figure investment portfolio, financial experts will recommend that you diversify your assets to minimize your risk. When putting together a portfolio, it is important to keep in mind the time horizon in which you intend to access your investments. If you are decades away from retirement, as an example, then you may want to make riskier investments with the aim of getting higher returns. But, if you have a shorter time horizon, then you may want to scale down those riskier investments in favor of safer securities.

In addition to your time horizon, you will also want to be clear with yourself about how much risk you are willing to take on. This will drive your asset allocation. In 2022, for instance, rising inflation and ensuing interest rate hikes would have played directly into your investment strategy, and depending on your risk tolerance, you may have considered keeping a traditional 60/40 portfolio (60% stocks and 40% bonds) or adjusting it for the market.

4 Common Way to Invest 200k

SmartAsset: How to Invest 200k

SmartAsset: How to Invest 200k

With $200,000 to invest, here are four common choices to make your money grow:

The stock market. Investing in stock is a popular choice. You may want to put your money into big company names like Apple, Google, Microsoft or Tesla. Or invest on the future of smaller companies that have positioned themselves in the market for future gains. In either case, you will need to decide whether you want to put your money directly into a company through a stock plan or buy mutual funds, equity index funds or exchange-traded funds. Whichever path you take, experts caution: avoid…

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