How Supporting Local Farms Could Lower Your Grocery Bill

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If you’re sick of the prices you’re paying at the grocery store, you may want to start supporting farms in your area. 

Key points

  • You may be able to get fresh, local food for less money. 
  • Shopping at farmer’s markets and investing in a CSA share may help you lower your grocery bill. 

Across the United States, food costs continue to rise. If you’re on a budget, you may be looking for money-saving tips to reduce your grocery spending. If you have local farms in your community, exploring their fresh produce and food options may be worthwhile. Purchasing food from local farms could help you lower your grocery bill. Find out how. 

If you live in an area with community farms, they likely sell much more than produce. Many farms sell other food items like baked goods, jams, pickles, milk, eggs, and meats. 

When you support local farms, you’re helping keep a small business running. This is also a great way to get high-quality food. When you shop at a grocery store, you may not always get good quality food and it may not taste or look fresh. 

If you’re buying all of your food from the grocery store, you may want to think about changing your habits. You could save money by purchasing some food items from a community farm. Here are two easy ways to do this:  

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs have recently become more prevalent. These programs function similarly to a subscription service. Members who pay the fee and commit to the program get a share of fresh, local produce throughout the season. 

If you…

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