How the Biggest Investment in DOE’s History is an Investment in our Planet

What does the Department of Energy’s work to implement the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law  mean for people and the planet? How is DOE responding to the urgent call for climate action? As Earth Day approaches, these issues are at top of mind for our agency.   

With the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report continuing to sound the alarm that we must sharply decrease our carbon pollution immediately, Secretary Granholm emphasized that “we know what we need to do—deploy, deploy, deploy clean technologies in the power sector, transportation, buildings, industry, and more.”  

For DOE, this investment comes with an historic expansion in our agency, setting up 60 new DOE programs over the next five years, and an historic down payment for our planet with $62 billion in new funding for DOE to partner with Tribes, states, local government, and innovators to fight the climate crisis. 

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