How to activate DGT fine notices to find out instantly and save money

Nobody likes it receive a fine from the DGT or a traffic ticket. It has an economic cost and, on occasions, it supposes the loss of points in the driver’s license. Until relatively recently, fines were sent by certified mail, a fast system but that has its pluses and minuses in the speed of delivery. But thanks to technology we can find out much earlierwhether they have given us a fine that we should know so pay or appeal In time. That is what the DGT’s own fine notices are for.

Taking into account that there are more and more traffic regulations and the regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic have become stricter than ever, it is difficult that throughout your life as a driver you do not receive the occasional traffic fine from the DGT . There is one for every taste. The good thing is that the sooner you know that you have been fined, before you can remedy it.

And here comes the official DGT app, known as miDGT and available for iPhone and Android. You can download it for free and identify yourself with your personal data, with your digital certificate or with [email protected] credentials. The good thing about this app is that it is used to obtain information, to make arrangements and even serves to “carry” the license on top and the documentation of the vehicle you drive. That and watch your tickets.

Consult the fines from miDGT

If we talk about fines from the DGT, the official miDGT app also covers this area, since it has a specific section for the fines you receive and those you have paid. It’s more. You may pay penalties directly from the application or identify the person who was driving at that time. But let’s go by parts.

Remember that to use the official DGT app you must install it on your phone and identify yourself. You can identify yourself with your digital certificate, with…

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