How to save money and cut back on gas and electricity as the energy price cap means bills could rise to £3,600 by January

Energy bills are set to be stuck above £3,350 until 2024, according to the latest dire predictions for the country’s energy crisis.

Cornwall Insight, one of the country’s most respected energy consultancies, says average bills will top £3,359 per year from October, £3,616 by January and most likely £3,729 by April.

The price cap, which is controlling the escalating costs of bills for 24 million British households, will see prices pushed to record levels.

Alongside using less heating what else can people do to save on their bills? Image: iStock.

But if you want to cut back on the amount of gas and electric you use, how can you do that and just how much money will it save you?

1. Unplug chargers

Unplugging chargers is among the 10 best ways, says British Gas, that you can cut energy usage at home. Once your device is fully charged get into the habit of pulling it from its charger. Not only will it save around £60 a year on your electric bills but it can help preserve the life of the battery inside the technology too.

How much do you wash at 30C? Image: iStock.
How much do you wash at 30C? Image: iStock.

2. Do full laundry loads

With detergents being as good as they are many experts now agree many of our clothes can be washed at 30C to help reduce energy usage.
Alongside altering the temperature, and perhaps the length of a cycle, if you can also cut your average number of cycles down by one a week you’ll take £5 off your yearly energy bill – and these costs can add up!

3. Switch off at the wall

You can save around £55 a year by turning appliances off standby mode, says the Energy Saving Trust.

Almost all electrical appliances can be turned off at the plug without disrupting the programming or any saved settings while a standby saver or smart plug, which can help you turn all appliances off standby in one go, could be an investment if you’re struggling…

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