How To Save Money Around Your Home: 27 Simple Tips

Small savings here and there can really add up over time.

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Soaring inflation, sky-rocketing gas prices and rising utility costs has led to stretched monthly budgets across the board, but there are still plenty of opportunities to save money at home. Whether it’s doing laundry the energy-efficient way, switching the direction of your ceiling fan based on the season or using coupons, we’ve got over two dozen tips to help you ease the strain of inflation

Here are 27 ways you can start cutting costs around your house right now.

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In the kitchen

Grow herbs: A bundle of herbs costs three or four bucks. Keeping a little herb garden on your window sill will cost about the same upfront, but can yield herbs for months. If you’re looking to get started, read more about the five easy steps to growing fresh herbs at home.  

Don’t buy bottled water: Bottled water seems cheap, but it gets expensive fast. Settle for a water filter pitcher, and you can use tap water. It’s cheaper over time, and it’s better for the environment, too. There are many options on the market today, but you can learn about our favorites here.

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