How to save money doing laundry: Expert trick to check if your washing machine is full

When it comes to saving money at home, your laundry can be an unexpected drain on your household’s finances. Average energy costs in the UK are £0.34 per kWh for the price cap period from October 1 to December 31, 2022. This means that the average washing machine uses 0.34 x 0.793 = £0.27 of electricity per cycle. If you use your washing machine 220 times a year, it would cost you £59.32 in electricity costs, so trying to save on each wash is more important than ever. 

Here, experts have shared their top tips for saving money on your laundry so that you can spend your savings better elsewhere.

1. Wash less frequently

It is safe to say that laundry is many people’s least favourite chore around the house, so you may be thrilled to hear that one of the best ways to save money on laundry is to simply do it less often.

Kathleen Bell, Smol’s sustainable cleaning expert said: “My top tip is simply just to wash your clothes less. Unless it is underwear or you’ve been sweating a lot, most of our clothes don’t need washing after one or even two wears. Outer garments, like jumpers, for instance, may only need washing every five or six wears. 

“In order to keep your clothes fresher for longer, shake clothes out when you get home and hang them up – airing clothes out at the end of the day allows faint smells to fade. Hanging by a window can also be a good idea as the UV from the sun’s light can help to kill bacteria.

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“For clothes that have small stains or spillages but are otherwise clean, spot-clean the area directly rather than adding to the wash. The best way to tell if clothes need a wash is to use your nose and give clothes a quick sniff test.”

2. Cut back on laundry products

Not only does cutting down on laundry detergents…

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