Figuring out how to save money can be overwhelming but follow our tips and you’ll soon see how much you can claw back. (Getty Images)

Energy bills, National Insurance, fuel costs, even food – the current cost of living is, quite frankly, excruciating.

But there are lots of ways to save money and still do the stuff you’re used to enjoying. Here are 22 ways to do just that – good luck – and good saving.

How to save money on bills

1. Change banks

Changing bank account is not the faff it once was, thanks to the seven-day switching guarantee. And some banks offer up to £150 bonus for switching. Just make sure it’s a bank that fits your needs so you don’t end up paying more.

2. Use less energy

You can’t save money by switching energy providers just now, almost every provider is simply charging the maximum they can within the energy price cap. But you can take steps to use less at home, from covering drafts to cutting wasted power. Read more tips here.

3. Cut your tax bill

Most of us have seen our tax bills rise recently, thanks to the National Insurance hike and the freeze in the higher rate tax threshold. You can reduce what you pay in tax through salary sacrifice, for example, paying more into your pension. That might mean less disposable income right now – but it might also help you keep Child Benefit payments, so it’s worth looking at the numbers.

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4. Move broadband and mobile

If you switch providers at the end of your broadcast and mobile phone contracts then you can benefit from the better-priced introductory offers. Consumer champion Which? reckons that can save you as much as £240.

5. Use Tax-Free Childcare

This is a seriously underused tax break. You can cut the cost of nursery, childminders and even after-school and holiday clubs using the Tax-Free Childcare…

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