How to save money on back-to-school costs

Somewhere in the twilight zone mush of the post-Christmas back-to-work period, the start of the school year always seems to sneak up faster than you’d expect – and with it, all the costs associated with preparing your offspring for another year of schooling. (And right after all the expense of Christmas too!)

With the cost of living biting harder than usual, many of us will likely feel those expenses more keenly than ever – and somehow the costs of exercise books, lunchboxes and shoes seem to add up quickly. 

CHOICE parents are an especially savvy bunch of consumers (or at least we like to think so!), so we asked them for their best back-to-school money saving tips to help you ease the burden in the lead-up to Term One. Here’s what they said.

Invest in a long-lasting lunchbox, if your kid isn’t likely to lose it.

How to save money on school lunches

Preparation, organisation and DIY: these are the three tenets that CHOICE parents live by to manage the dreaded school lunch carousel. 

Shop smart

  • If you’ve got the storage space, buy various school snacks, juice boxes etc in bulk. It’ll help to save money, give your kids variety, and avoid running out and having to pay for food from the canteen instead. – Rachel
  • Unit pricing is your friend! Make sure you look at the price per item or per 100g, as well as the total costs. Forget about the bright sales dockets shouting at you from the shelves – they’re often more about what the supermarket wants to sell that week, rather than what’s best for your budget. – Alice
  • Be a supermarket agnostic – shop around for the best price rather than always buying everything from the same supermarket. Check…

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