Most people will buy a new car on finance or with a loan, but the rates you pay every month can depend on a number of factors.

From negotiating and buying at the right time, here are the best tips to save money on car finance. 


Buy At The Right Time

Car dealers have targets that they will need to meet each quarter and buying a new car closer to the end of this target is when they are going to be more likely to slash the prices and offer a better deal. 

Based on quarterly sales, the best times to buy are around the end of March, June, September, and December. Not only can the prices be cheaper, but they might also offer large deposit contributions on their models.

For the same reason, you should try to avoid the busier times of the month of the year, such as in the middle of summer when people are looking for convertibles or looking to buy cars as rewards for their children’s exam results. 

Instead, you may have better luck if you shop during the middle of a snowy winter or at quieter times of the year when bargains from car dealers are going to be easier to find. 

Equally, try to avoid busy times of the month or year such as peak summer when people are looking for convertibles or want to buy cars to reward their children’s exam results.

Choose The Spec Of The Vehicle

There are various specifications on a standard vehicle that can make them more expensive, and opting for the specifications below can make your car finance a lot cheaper. This includes:

  • Smaller engines

  • Petrol over diesel cars

  • Manual over automatic

  • Hybrids over regular

  • Lower CO2 emissions

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