How to save money on energy bills: Avoid putting tinfoil behind radiators – expert

With energy bills on the rise, homeowners are doing everything they can to save money on their utility costs including trying DIY alternatives. One of the ways people are trying to save cash is by putting foil behind their radiators. The idea is to put tinfoil behind the radiator so the heating will reflect heat back into the room rather than it seeping through the walls.

In theory, the foil should make rooms warmer while ensuring there’s less energy wastage and therefore smaller energy bills. However, experts have warned the hack doesn’t work using ordinary tinfoil or in properties with cavity wall insulation.’s energy-saving expert Jack Ferguson has shared why homeowners should not use the tinfoil hack and which energy-saving myths are false.

Jack said homeowners need to ask themselves three questions before testing out a DIY method to save money on their energy bills. He said: “When reviewing home energy usage, we recommend you ask yourself some simple questions; firstly, do I really need to use it? Or is there a cheaper way?

“Remember – if it moves, lights up, or creates heat then it uses energy. Secondly, is the energy-saving tip safe? Letting heat from the oven into the home could be dangerous if you have young kids and pets running around – always think safety first.

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“There are a variety of specialist reflective radiator panels on the market which are good for older homes, however, if you already have cavity wall insulation then it’s less likely you will make any significant savings with these.”

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