How to save money on energy bills: Experts reveal 7 top tips

As of 1 April, the Ofgem energy price cap has risen by 54% meaning energy prices are expected to rise by £693 a year for millions of households across the UK.

As a result, Brits are on the lookout for way to cut down their bills and experts at BOXT have revealed their top tips to cut down on your energy bills.

Other ways you can reduce your energy bills

7 tips to save money on your energy bills

Turn your thermostat down by one degree

You could save up to £80 a year by turning the heating down by just one degree. An estimated 17 million households in the UK could save as much as £1.4 billion by turning their thermostats down by just 1°C from the current average temperature of 20°C. Making a small change to the temperature in your home can make a big difference. 

Programme your boiler 

Research, undertaken by BOXT, found that only 27.3% of people schedule their boilers, meaning their boilers are unlikely to be operating as efficiently as possible, and homes won’t be maintaining the optimum comfortable temperature.

Investing in a smart thermostat like the Googel Nest Learning Thermostat gives you full control over the temperature of your home from wherever you are. The smart technology learns from your habits and can therefore build a schedule that works perfectly for your household, so your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible.  

Use a smart meter 

Smart meters can help you better understand your energy usage via the in-home display that comes with your smart meter. With more information on your day-to-day energy use, you can see when you’re using the most energy, and identify ways to cut back and in turn save money.

Use thermostatic radiator valves to control the temperature room by room

Installing thermostat radiator valves and using…

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