How to save money on energy bills: Mum’s ‘budget’ way to ‘insulate your windows’

Content creator Shauna is a mummy blogger and “home DIY enthusiast”. She has a huge 192.4K followers on her TikTok account @homediydiary. She told her followers: “This is a budget-friendly way to add secondary glazing/insulation to cold windows.”

She claimed it’s “particularly effective on single-glazed windows but I’m using this on older double-glazed windows.” Shauna used a product known as Seasonal Double Glazing Film.

While one might be dubious about how effective a thin sheet of plastic might be, it has been found that this strategy works. In 2017, Lidl claimed its £6.99 thermal window foil could save the average family over £100 on their heating bill based on a house with eight windows and spending an average of £1,000 on gas and electricity per year. This would cut the average bill by 13 percent.

A spokesperson for the Energy Saving Trust said at the time that this would work, adding: “In theory, you can use any material for secondary glazing, as long as it is transparent and airtight. Some manufacturers sell plastic secondary glazing kits, but again these will not be as effective as replacing your windows with double or triple glazing, or even having secondary glazing professionally fitted.

“If you have draughts, caused by poor seals, for example, fix these before you install secondary glazing, as this will reduce any impact it would make.” 

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So how does Shauna do it? She said: “If you have poorly insulated windows, I’m going to show you a really cheap way to add secondary glazing to them and retain heat. First, get your windows squeaky clean, and then use white spirits to clean down the window frame.

“This is really important because we are going to be using some double-sided sticky tape and we need to them…

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