Doing a double take at the pumps lately? Rising gas prices are weighing on wallets, leaving many people pinching pennies to fill up the tank. The dread only gets worse with cooler days ahead. Did you know that the colder it gets, the more fuel your vehicle uses? A drop in temperature from 75 to 44 degrees can increase fuel consumption by 12 to 28 percent. Cold air is denser, increasing drag on your car. Wind speed is also higher in the winter, increasing aerodynamic resistance and fuel consumption. While fuel prices (and the weather) may be beyond our control, following these tips may help you save money on gas this winter. Read on.

1) Don’t warm-up your engine.

Cars today are designed to start and go, with no need to warm-up the engine. Gently drive away after idling up to 30 seconds. The engine will actually warm up faster being driven, heating your car faster, and reducing fuel and emissions. Bundle up before getting in the car to keep warm. For kids in car seats who can’t wear heavy winter coats, bring some blankets to lay on top of them.

2) Head to the pump on the cheapest days.

GasBuddy reveals that gas prices tend to be lowest on Mondays in most states. Thursdays are the most expensive days to top of your tank. Planning a stop at a gas station on one of your already planned Monday outings could help you save money on gas costs throughout the winter.

3) Plan your trips better.

Combining your trips to the grocery store with other errands and events rather than making multiple short trips will help you to be on the road less, which conserves energy. Planning your trip route can also help your fuel efficiency. For instance: avoid routes with traffic, congestion, and construction helps save on gas.

Fuel economy tests indicate that in-city driving gas mileage is…

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