How to save money on groceries: 7 expert tips

Inflation has raised the price of everything from gas to household essentials this year, and one category many Americans are paying particular attention to is food and groceries. According to Consumer Price Index figures, the food-at-home index — a measure of price changes at the grocery store — increased 13.5% over the past year, marking a 43-year high. Shoppers are spending more on pantry staples, meat and dairy products, and since they “don’t have a ton of control” when it comes to rising prices, many are looking for strategies to cut costs wherever they can, said Kristin McGrath, shopping expert at RetailMeNot.

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Saving money on groceries often feels like a juggling act between comparing prices, clipping coupons, scouting out sales and more. But “you can spend less money on groceries and buy great, affordable ingredients without losing your mind,” said Erin Chase, founder of $5 Dinners, which she started during the 2008 recession.

To help you start saving, we talked to experts about how you can reduce the price of your grocery bill and where to shop for affordable groceries. We included information about the benefits of warehouse memberships, tips for making your shopping list, how to strategically take advantage of sales and more.

Where to shop for affordable groceries

How much you spend on groceries is largely impacted by where you shop — some stores are specifically known for their affordable prices. We asked experts about where you may want to consider shopping if you’re looking to cut down your grocery bill and listed their suggestions below.

For each option, we included related membership fees if applicable and credit cards to consider if you frequently shop at a specific store — you may be able to earn cash back and get…

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