Whether in the household or when shopping for groceries every week, when traveling, when driving or shopping – tips for saving are hidden everywhere. Often several hundred dollars can be saved per year, sometimes even per month. Depending on your needs and hobby, avoidable costs are hidden in movie subscriptions and movie tickets. And that without having to do without the things that are important to you and that bring you joy. How can you verify this? We have put together the most important tips and tricks for saving money on movie tickets. 

1. Skip the premium formats

Sure, it can be fun to see a superhero blockbuster on a five-story screen or in 3D. But not all movies are better like that.

Before rushing for the expensive ticket, consult a reviewer you trust. Some film scribes will note whether 3D has added value to a film. Or ask your friends if seeing a 3D movie is worth it.

Also, check movie times and corresponding formats carefully

2. Hang out

If you can’t get tickets to a movie, you can always try hanging around the venue on the day of the movie. Sometimes viewers have extra tickets that they are willing to sell at face value.

Please be aware that if you are trying a more innovative route to getting tickets to a movie, you should be extremely careful and aware of any potential downsides or scams.

If you are buying tickets for a movie, it is not recommended to buy paper tickets, as these can be easily forged.

If movie tickets are managed by a reputable body, please ensure that the ticket you are purchasing has been successfully transferred to your account.

Never share personal information – other than that which is explicitly required to obtain the tickets – and never purchase a ticket from an individual or a website requesting gift cards.

3. Use a rewards credit card or discount codes

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