How to save money without compromising on sustainability

As the cost of living crisis rolls on, millions of people are looking for ways to save money this summer and beyond.

In the face of rising bills, it may be tempting to cut corners and choose less environmentally sound options, but if you’re someone who cares about climate change and preserving resources, you know how important it is that everyone does their part to help the planet.

So how can you keep your spending in check while reducing your eco-guilt? Here, experts offer their top tips for sustainable living on a shoestring…

Household bills


If you’re going out less and spending more time at home, it’s easy for power and water bills to creep up if you’re not careful.

“Think about a smart meter to see how much you’re spending and see where you can cut down,” says Philippa Grogan, sustainability consultant at Eco-Age. “Turn off what you’re not using – don’t leave your TV on standby, turn lights off when leaving the room.”

To reduce water use, have showers instead of baths, or if you’re going to fill the tub reduce the depth by a couple of inches.

Laundry can also be water and energy intensive, Grogan warns: “Avoid tumble drying, wash clothing on a lower heat and think twice if you really need to wash something – over laundering is common in households and this leads to increased environmental and financial cost.”



When it comes to sustainable fashion, all our experts agree that preloved is the way to go.

“I love shopping thrift and vintage,” says Laure Babin, founder and CEO of Zèta Shoes, who has partnered with Nespresso to produce the Re:ground collection of sneakers made using recycled coffee grounds. “Whenever I spot a piece I like, I search for similar secondhand.”

With so many preloved sites (Depop and Ebay are loved by style mavens) it’s easier…

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