DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Starting June 1, AES Ohio customers will pay more for their electricity bill. Energy officials are offering advice to save money during the rate increase.

A $0.06 per kWh increase is now in effect, which breaks down to a $60 increase for a residential customer that uses 1,000 kWh. The increase will be reflected in an AES customer’s supply charges for the next 12 months.

To save money, first check if your city or municipality has an energy aggregation program to enroll in.

The City of Dayton allows eligible residents and small businesses to receive renewable energy for around 7.457 cents per kWh through the Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Counsel (SOPEC), which is about a $300 saving a year compared to the AES rate.

“Dayton made a very smart decision to reactivate their aggregation program,” Philip Leppla with SOPEC said. “They made a very smart decision for when to lock the price. We made sure to stay in-tune with them to get as much savings for the residents as we could.”

Energy Choice Ohio provides all Ohioans the option to compare and shop around for better energy rates through a comparison tool on its website.

For those who cannot afford their energy bills, Miami Valley Community Action Partnership (MVCAP) offers a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP).

“Those programs help individuals under a certain income threshold, all that information for what that threshold is can be found on our website, to pay based on a percentage of their income and to obtain credit benefits to their utility accounts to help with some of the higher bills we see during the cooling and heating months,” MVCAP Chief Policy Officer Keelie…

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