How your smart home can save you money

There’s plenty of novelty in the smart home. Not long ago, casually telling a computer to tweak the lights or adjust the temperature was straight out of sci-fi. It’s not all about flash, though. There are real efficiencies you can enjoy with a kitted-out home that translate into saved dollars and cents. With sensors all over the place and the ability to run automations on your home appliances, you can ensure you’re never using more power than you absolutely need to.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats have been making their case for energy savings for years. By connecting to your phone, they can figure out if you’re home and if the heating or cooling should be turned on. Features continue to vary by model, but you’ll see some that will check in with utility providers and adjust your home’s climate control to take advantage of cheaper rates when available.

We’ve already dug into some of the estimates on how much money a smart thermostat can save you. Though exact figures will vary based on climate, the size of your home, and how much time you spend in it, there’s a general consensus that a smart thermostat will earn back its cost in electrical savings over time.

Solar energy

A man installing a solar panel on the roof of a home.
Bill Mead / Unsplash

It’s easy to see solar power panels as the original smart home device. With some up-front investment and intelligent controllers, your home energy grid can be optimized to the point where you’re barely paying a service provider.

We have a rundown on the variables to take into account when figuring out how much money you can save with solar panels. A lot will depend on the kind of rebates available in your jurisdiction, and how net metering is set up. The cost of solar panels has been dropping precipitously over the years, and they only stand to get cheaper, making a return on investment even…

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