HSBC Bank rolls out digital application process for international customers

HSBC Bank USA, part of HSBC Group, has launched a digital application experience for its new and existing international customers.

The new International Client Onboarding (ICO) digital application enables customers to open US-based accounts online.

ICO allows eligible clients to open a US Premier checking account from anywhere in the world.

The entire account opening process takes place on a video call, including setting up online banking credentials for customers.

How it works

Eligible clients can submit an application online at the HSBC USA public website.

Once the application is submitted, HSBC’s international banking center (IBC) team contacts the client for a final setup via a video call.

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IBC asks clients to take a photo of their passport as well as a selfie on the video call, to verify the client’s ID in real-time.

The team finalizes any account opening requirements and completes the process of enrolling customers in online banking tools or other products, as per their needs.

HSBC regional head of international wealth and personal banking business Paul Mullins said: “This new program is the first in-country digital application journey that allows new-to-bank or existing international clients the ability to open US-based accounts from home, a need that is heightened by the current pandemic.

“This level of customer service is important as we reinforce and simplify the process of doing business with us for all customers, allowing them to bank with us where, when and how they want.”

Initially, the US-based accounts opening process was paper-based, which required the customers to visit a branch in the home market or in the US and was time-consuming.

The digital account opening process, on the other hand, eliminates the need for a branch visit.

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