I worked as a flight attendant for 2 years. Here are 10 things passengers should stop wasting money on.

  • I worked as a flight attendant for 2 years and picked up some tips for saving money while traveling.
  • Don’t waste your money on food and water at the airport or the overpriced snacks on the plane.

When I joined the airline industry as a flight attendant, I thought we’d learn all the secrets for getting the cheapest tickets. But, instead, I had to pick them up myself or through my colleagues.

Here are some of the best tips I’ve learned for saving money while flying:

If you fly business class, you can usually save by waiting to upgrade at the airport

I know it might sound strange, but I always advise everybody to purchase an economy ticket at home and upgrade it at the airport.

Opting for an upgrade will drastically reduce the price of the ticket.

As soon as you purchase your economy seat, you may start receiving email deals to upgrade your ticket but don’t rush. Wait until you get to the airport and ask for an upgrade at the counter or the gate.

Sometimes, if the plane is empty or you have a loyalty program with the airline, the gate agent can upgrade you to business class at no additional cost. But even if you have to pay, it’s still going to be much cheaper than buying online.

Just be extremely nice to the staff and arrive early so business seats are still available. But don’t wait until you get on the plane — flight attendants don’t usually have that much power.

Never waste money on bottled water at the airport

Inside JFK airport.Sorbis/Shutterstock

Plane travel is expensive. You already paid for the ticket, taxi, and luggage, so don’t waste your money on overpriced airport water.

You can’t take liquids through security, but no one said you can’t take an empty bottle.

Most airports are full of water fountains, and many even have a special pump to refill bottles quickly.

To keep your bottle full during…

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