ICO publish guidance for businesses collecting personal data

Makbool Javaid, Partner – Simons Muirhead & Burton

The information Commissioner’s Office has published five step guidance for businesses who are required to collect customers’ and visitors’ personal information for the first time, to support the various contact tracing schemes in the UK. To share personal data with confidence, people must be sure their data will be kept safe and used properly as they prepare to return to their favourite pubs, restaurants and local businesses, and the Five Steps will help businesses to get things right first time. The Five Steps, of which staff should be made fully aware so they can assure customers/visitors, are: 1. Ask for only what’s needed as set out in government guidance; 2. Be transparent with customers by being open and honest with people about what you are doing with their personal information; 3. Carefully store the data, keeping it secure; 4. Don’t use the data for other purposes, e.g. direct marketing, profiling or data analytics; and, 5. Erase date securely in line with government guidance.

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