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@Draco_V_Ecliptic Two of my very favorite classic games. If you play them, then I would recommend the Shadow of the Colossus Ramake by Bluepoint Studios on PS4 due to the drastically superior graphics and a few quality of life improvements in mechanics, but it’s basically the exact same game as the original PS2 version in all major aspects. Ico, of course isn’t on PS4, so you’ll have to play the original PS2 or the PS3 remaster. The PS3 remasters are just up-res versions, and actually minimal improvement over the PS2 versions which were already stunning in their original state for the dated PS2.

The next piece of Ueda’s game development is The Last Guardian on PS4, so pick that up if you like these others, although my personal opinion is that it’s the weakest of the trilogy. Others feel differently though.

Don’t be expecting Dark Souls combat. I didn’t know that Miyazaki was inspired by Ueda’s work, but now that you say that, I can see the dark fantasy and understated storytelling style is similar. That, and in the case of SotC, the epic boss battles. But like @crimsontadpoles mentioned, the battle with each Colossi are more like giant puzzles to figure out how to take them down, rather than a lot of skill based timing and dodging like a Soulsborne. I just want to make sure you’re not expecting a real heavy action type game. Quite the opposite, Ueda games are quite slow paced and introspective with a lot of exploration.

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