Ideaology Commencing First Phase of ICO in October

Ideaology has announced the first phase of their new cryptocurrency (IDEA) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from October 1st.

Ideaology is a Swiss-based startup project and an official member of SSA (Swiss Startup Association) and the Crypto Valley Association. This is an open-source project on Ethereum, which will adopt blockchain technology prowess to build an extensive digital platform. The sole aim of this project is to bring a vast range of enterprises and people working together to develop outstanding solutions and ideas for successful businesses.

By connecting freelancers, investors, industry professionals, project owners on the same platform, Ideaology will facilitate them to build their project efficiently. Not only this, but this platform will also allow them to partner up or cooperate with other projects running on the platform while receiving guidance and funding from the Ideaology team.

The IDEA token will be pivotal for the platform, as every transaction will be taking place through this. Moreover, IDEA will facilitate the community members to be an active part of all the processes going on the Ideaology platform like supporting projects, investing the tokens in others, utilizing them for project voting to get special funding, and so forth.

The first of three phases of ICO will commence on October 1st. Ideaology will be offering a limited amount of IDEA tokens (6 million) at a private sale. This private sale phase will last for around 30 days. Plus, there is a benefit for the early birds. All the early investors of this private sale will get a 40% discount on the regular price of the token. For instance, an early investor can buy an IDEA token at a 40% lesser price compared to the regular token prices during the public ICO phase. There are also some additional benefits varying as per the total investment amount.

Therefore, October 1st is an important date for every investor that is looking forward to IDEA tokens. Before entering the crowdfunding stage, the company has assured the completion of its product prototype, said Khaled Alkalbani, Founder and CEO of Ideaology.

The startup has scheduled ICO pre-sale on December 1st, after the successful private sale in October. Afterward, the public sale for ICO will be held in February 2021. It is noteworthy that each of the phases will last for 30 days. And, the investors can purchase IDEA tokens through Bitcoin, Banks cards, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

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