I’m a homes expert – how to save money on lighting this winter with a simple switch

WHEN it comes to cutting down costs, we’re all looking for bright ideas that could help us save money – and it turns out even the smallest change can have a big impact.

The cost of living crisis has meant we’re already making adjustments to how we heat our homes efficiently, but it turns out we can also make savings when it comes to lighting too.


Adopting a few bright ideas will ensure you’re not left in the darkCredit: Getty

Kate Baker, light and wellness advisor at 4lite, says: “Banishing costly, energy-guzzling bulbs from the home can make a big difference to your energy consumption and therefore your bills.

“Saving hundreds of pounds off your home energy bills can be as simple as changing a light bulb.”

Make the LED switch

Making changes to save money doesn’t have to be complicated – and using a specific kind of bulb can make a huge difference.

Kate says: “Modern LEDs are the most eco-friendly bulbs on the market, using a dazzling 85 per cent less energy.

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Opting for LED lights can really help you save money and are extremely efficient in the long run


Opting for LED lights can really help you save money and are extremely efficient in the long runCredit: Getty

“LED bulbs are incredibly energy efficient and use considerably less electricity.

“They may cost a little more initially but the payback is fast – plus they are long lasting so they won’t need replacing so often.

“In addition, taking the next step by upgrading to LED smart bulbs can revolutionise your home lighting as well as save you even more.

“LEDs brighten instantly and power for 25,000 hours or more.

“Used for six hours a day, that’s nearly 12 years so you’ll not only be saving money on your energy bills, you won’t need to replace them nearly so often.

“They are also completely free from toxic chemicals and generate virtually no heat so they are cool to touch, safer for the home.”

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