I’m a savings expert and here’s why you should save Panda Express receipts to get more money back

THERE are multiple hacks people use when it comes to saving money on food, from strategic spending to taking advantage of freebies at restaurants.

A food writer is sharing their best tips and tricks to get discounts while ordering at your favorite places.


There are multiple hacks that customers can use to save money when ordering food at their favorite restaurantsCredit: Getty

Saving your receipts is one simple move highlighted by Lacey Muszynski in an article for Cheapism, a website dedicated to helping people find the best prices for products and services.

She said to always make sure to keep your receipt at every restaurant you go to – and not just in case your order is wrong.

Receipts from many places offer free or discounted meals for a future visit.

For example, Panda Express normally gives customers a free individual entrée for a future visit, if an online survey is completed.

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Another option that works almost everywhere is taking advantage of app awards.

Most restaurant chains have a designated app to order meals, and some even offer a reward just for downloading them.

Other places, like McDonald’s offer coupons and deals every day.

It’s also a good idea to check the restaurant’s app before you go there in person.


If you’re a big fan of fries, a great way to get a fresh batch of the treat is to ask for them unsalted.

Not only is it the healthier option, but you’ll also end up with a yummy snack.

And if you really want salt with your fries, you can just grab a packet from the condiment area and do it yourself.


If you’re a frequent shopper at certain restaurants and have a membership at grocery stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco, you may be able to take advantage of gift card deals.

Both stores sell fast food restaurant gift cards at a discount of 5 to…

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