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While cutting back is a great way to save money, shopping expert Jack Baker from Next Day Delivery has revealed the best ways to still buy the items you want despite the cost of living crisis. He discloses how to find discount codes for almost everything so people will never have to pay full price again.

Checking for coupon codes can be tiresome but installing a browser extension could be a good alternative. These can help people save money every time they shop by automatically finding coupon codes for the websites they use during checkout.

Mr Baker explained: “To save time and money when shopping a browser extension can help. To find a coupon extension go to the Chrome store or your browser equivalent and search for ‘coupons’ and pick one that has good reviews.

“Try a few of them out as different extensions will find different money-saving codes for you as you shop. A 30-second search could save you hundreds and make your money last a little longer.”

“When using Google to search for discount codes for your favourite retailer be careful that you only use a website that looks legitimate. Sometimes scammers will create pages on their website to target these types of searches and will then infect your computer when you click on them.”

Abandoning shopping carts is worth doing and really does save people money, the shopping expert confirmed.

He said: “Some online websites will have an email sequence that is used to try and win you back as a customer and to do this they often offer money off to entice you to buy the items you have added to the basket.

“Another version of this is adding items to your shopping basket and then moving your mouse to the close button on your browser, some websites detect this and a popup will show with a discount code to keep you on site.

“Set up an email address with your favourite email provider…

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