I’m an appliance pro – you can save $100s on your energy bill by changing what you use in your washing machine

A SAVVY appliance expert delivered some advice to people about what they are doing all wrong when it comes to doing the laundry.

The TikTok user revealed the one item never to put in your washing machine, and what you should use instead.


TikTok expert Renae shared four best things to do to save money on your energy billCredit: TikTok/renduh

Renae, who goes by the TikTok handle renduh posted a stitch that’s gone viral with more than 5.6million views.

The video started off featuring a comment from another TikToker Alex Mac, who provided tips on saving money and laundry hacks.

In the stitch, she said she is not a washing machine specialist and not to “come after her.”

The video then cuts to Renae, who said she is an expert and added she was an appliance repair tech.

In her almost three minute long post, she pointed out that most of what Mac posted were appropriate tips.

She then went on to note, in her opinion, what Mac got right and offered up four clear cut techniques to use to get your laundry done efficiently and more cost-effectively.

1. Utilize wool dryer balls over dryer sheets

The pro said that “while sheets do remove static, they do so because they’re leaving behind a waxy build-up on your clothes and on your machine.”

The TikToker said wool dryer balls are a much better option, because they are sans harsh chemicals and are reusable, adding they will not leave any build-up on your duds.

2. Use distilled white vinegar instead of fabric softner

The expert said that just like dryer sheets, the softener works because it, too, leaves a residue on your clothes.

“So when you feel that softness on your clothes after using fabric softener – it’s not your fabric that’s softer – that’s just the feeling of chemicals and build-up in your clothes,” she said with a knowing look.

She revealed distilled white vinegar is…

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